Multi-chamber mixer taking place in Los Alamitos

May 16, 2012 by  

Los Alamitos professionals are in for a treat with a multi-chamber networking mixer taking place on May 23rd.

Open to guests and being hosted through the combined efforts of several different chambers, the business owners and career-minded individuals who are planning to be in attendance have an eventful evening ahead.

The Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Tustin, OC Hispanic, and Corona del Mar Chambers of Commerce have officially come together with the express purpose of hosting a combined networking event. Being promoted in advertisements as “The Biggest Networking Mixer of the Year”, so far it looks like this meet-up will be a very productive means of interacting with potential clients, friends, and joint venture partners. Being held at the EuroCar Luxury Car Sales & Event Center, attendees will have plenty to occupy themselves with here.

As an event, the activity will be starting at 5:30 pm and ending at around 7:30 pm. For the pleasure of those present, there’s going to be a number of luxury cars available for viewing. With a large turnout expected along with excellent food and prizes, the entertainment side of this event is something else future attendees will be able to enjoy. Despite its two-hour time span, the schedule will keep things moving along nicely.

Priced at $10 for chamber members and $20 for non-members, it can’t hurt for Los Alamitos professionals to start getting in touch with reputable print companies to discuss such printing services as business card printing and flyer printing.