Los Alamitos to deck the halls once again

October 12, 2012 by  

The city of Los Alamitos is one again considering decking the halls, or the downtown area anyway, after a decision was made four years ago to end the holiday banner program as a result of budget concerns. As of the start of October, city officials are in negotiations with a decorations company to once again deck the streets of the city with seasonal décor.

The proposed plan would dress as many poles in the downtown area as possible with holiday banners and other decorations. It is hoped that the seasonal décor will not only create a friendly downtown holiday spirit but may even bring in additional patrons to local businesses.

As the city of Los Alamitos dresses up the light poles in the downtown area with holiday apparel, it is likely many businesses in the area will follow suit with decorations of their own. Banner printing may be used to accomplish this. These businesses may additionally use local printing companies and their services to help draw in extra customers in the area during the holiday season with sales and other promotions.

City Parks and Recreation commissioner Sam Manning stressed that he did not want Los Alamitos to be the city that is instantly recognizable by its lack of decorations. The city wants the community to be aware that, regardless of the outcome of the negotiations with the decorations company, the Banners of Honor, which celebrate the heroes who have served and are currently serving in the armed forces, will not be removed permanently. These banners will be restored to the poles after the holiday season.