Los Alamitos Chamber has productive events planned

March 19, 2012 by  

Ending the month on a positive note with respect to networking, the Greater Los Alamitos Chamber of Commerce has at least two mixers taking place that local professionals can attend.

On the 27th, business owners and professionals from and around Los Alamitos are going to be enjoying baked potatoes along with each other’s company during the “Youth Center Baked Potato Mixer”. Starting later in the evening at around 6:15 pm, attendees will be able to “choose their own toppings” as they get to know each other in a more relaxed setting. If the flyer printing is anything to go by, similar events have been a fun time for all in the past. If there’s nothing else going on, this is definitely a constructive way to spend an evening.

Also highlighting the end of the month is the celebration of CPRX, Inc.’s 10th year of operation. Featuring a ribbon cutting, this is a great chance for local business owners and professionals to support what this company has managed to accomplish. Beginning a little earlier than the Youth Center Baked Potato Mixer at 2:00 pm, this one will also include a bit of time for networking. Expected to go for only about an hour or so, however, those attending the ribbon cutting will have to move quickly in order to make the most out of this occasion.

With two opportunities like this one available, there’s no harm in seeing what a little bit of business card printing can do for a company.