Revitalized North Promenade makes its debut

February 10, 2013 by  

The new North Promenade in the downtown area of Long Beach was revealed to the public on Wednesday, February 6.

The downtown area located between Broadway Avenue and Third Street basked in the bright morning sun, showing off its new attire, which consists of a number of lush, drought-resistant plants along the path and tables, with chessboards set up waiting for players to enjoy a game.

Officials who were gathered for the celebration of the opening of the North Promenade report that the area was not always as attractive and inviting as it is now. Mayor Bob Foster said that the three blocks of the downtown area were previously unattractive, poorly lit, and not utilized. The area has now been revitalized, however, and Foster says:

“It really is a place that will attract people to downtown. It’s going to be usable, enjoyed, and it’s going to have great commercial activity.”

Revitalization of an area such as the North Promenade in downtown Long Beach likely means a boost in business and activity in the area. As new restaurants, retailers, and other businesses move into the area, local print companies may be kept busy with banner printing, postcard printing, and other printing services as these new businesses work to establish themselves in the area.

The revitalization of the area was funded by the city’s redevelopment agency, which is no longer in existence. Improvements included landscaping, gateway signs, new traffic signals, a dog area, furnishings, bike racks, and storm drain upgrades.