Long Beach heralds a legacy

March 29, 2014 by  

The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, in conjunction with Pink Ribbons Crusade, features an exhibition honoring Princess Diana that took effect June, 2012. The exhibit will conclude in June, 2014 and tickets for the remaining activities are on sale now.

The event, ‘Diana: Legacy of a Princess’, takes place on the RMS Queen Mary in the exquisite 9,000 square foot gallery.

Capturing the royal essence of the Princess of Wales will be evident in the showcasing of the renowned collection of clothing and memorabilia. The collection, worth millions of dollars, has been assembled over a 30-year period and includes 2,000 Windsor Family items.

The Queen Mary has hosted other royal figures over the decades. British Royal family members such as King George V, Queen Mary, the Queen Mother, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and Queen Elizabeth II.

The new gallery within Queen Mary provides a classic Tea room and a gift boutique to ensure visitors enjoy a true “royal experience”.

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To see the exhibit before it closes in June, tickets should be purchased via the Queen Mary website.