Long Beach becomes more business-friendly

November 23, 2012 by  

City officials and the Long Beach Development Service Department recently announced some amendments to its policies regarding the opening of new businesses in the area. In an effort to be friendlier to businesses and hopefully draw new businesses to the city, officials have removed some of the red tape that was previously involved with opening businesses in Long Beach.

Mayor Bob Foster stated:

“Streamlining the business of doing business is the goal of the Long Beach Development Services Department. We’re making opening a business here straightforward and sensible. By reducing costs and simplifying the process, Long Beach becomes an even more desirable location for business and job creation.”

As new businesses are drawn into the Long Beach area, additional business for local printing companies may also be created. New restaurants, shops, boutiques, and other businesses moving to a new location or opening a new store often require a number of printing services to establish themselves in a new area. Business card printing , stationery printing, and catalog printing are just a few of the printed materials these businesses might need.

The changes made by the Long Beach Development Services Department regarding the opening of new businesses in the area address the city’s permitting services, inspection services, and plan check. These specifications were reorganized in an effort to make the process of opening a new business in Long Beach a little easier. City officials reported that the reorganization of these policies was carried out without budget increases. The amendments to the policies reduce customer wait times, redundancies, and permit fees.