Civic-minded teens raise funds to build home for wounded veteran

November 17, 2013 by  

Students in Lancaster are preparing to break ground on a new home for a wounded local veteran after successfully raising over a quarter of a million dollars in just six months. The students decided to raise the funds after learning of the hardships faced by handicapped veteran Jerral Hancock, whose current home is inadequate for his needs.

Hancock was seriously injured in Iraq, losing an arm, almost losing the second, and suffering severe burns that have confined him to a wheelchair. Since his return to his home town, he has been living in a mobile home where the hallways are so narrow that his wheelchair cannot navigate into many areas. Once they learned of this, the students at Lancaster High School decided that they would raise the funds required to build Hancock a new home.

For six months, the students worked to raise money by hosting fundraising events at local restaurants, holding yard sales, and even selling t-shirts and magnets. They managed to raise enough money to buy a $264,000 property and they are planning to break ground in December. Local merchants and professionals are also chipping in to help. Construction supply stores are offering discounts on supplies for the build, a contractor has offered his services pro bono, and even the real estate agent waived her commission.

A project like this requires good promotion and community support. A local printing company is a fantastic partner for spreading the word about fundraising activities like this, since flyers, banners, postcards, and posters can all bring attention and support to a good local cause.