Chamber Offers Its Members Three Networking Events

April 21, 2012 by  

Even the briefest of glances at the Lancaster-Rosamond Chamber of Commerce calendar reveals that members have a full schedule of events to choose from. Between Business 4 Breakfast, the chamber luncheon, and the upcoming mixer, it’s clear that local professionals will have several opportunities to connect with one another before the month is over.

Out of these three business card printing -worthy events, the first taking place is going to be the luncheon on the 24th. Open to chamber members, this meeting is going to be held through lunch hour with a start time of 11:30 am and a conclusion of 1:00 pm. Offering plenty of time to enjoy a meal, catch up with old contacts, and make new acquaintances, this one’s ideal for professionals who are in a hurry.

The next meeting that’s listed on the site is Business 4 Breakfast. Also organized with the needs of busy entrepreneurs and professionals in mind, this April 26th event will be hosted early in the morning at 7:00 am. With raffle prizes and a morning meal to start the day of a local business owner off on the right foot, people can’t go wrong asking after this one.

In the event that it’s impossible to attend the other two events, the Palmdale Chamber Mixer is another option for those who prefer going to meetings in the evening. Also officially being held on the 26th, professionals who want to give this one a try will have a bit of extra time to prepare.

No matter which way it’s looked at, the Chamber has provided its members with choices this month.