New housing development could bring new life to auto mall

February 10, 2013 by  

Developers from Brookfield Residential and Trumark Co. recently proposed that the city, residents, retailers, and schools could greatly benefit from the construction of approximately 225 homes in the area.

Lake Forest planning commissioners recently received the proposal from the development companies to bring a large housing development to the area once occupied by the Foothill Ranch auto mall. Representatives from the developers report that they have been trying for over two years to get the area where the auto mall was once rezoned to be used for residential development. In the proposal, they argued that a large housing addition would revitalize the area surrounding the Partola and Bake parkways, likely bringing new businesses and economic growth to the city.

New businesses cropping up in the area could also mean extra income for local businesses, such as printing companies located in and around Lake Forest. As the likes of companies, retailers, and restaurants locate in the area, demand for a variety of printing services to establish their businesses in the location inevitably increases. Stationery printing and business card printing are just two of the services that are often necessary for new businesses or those moving into a new location.

Brookfield Residential has proposed the construction of a condominium complex consisting of approximately 150 units. Trumark, in the meantime, would build a housing development of about 75 homes located directly across from the Brookfield condo complex. The companies both argue that the area has not prospered under the current commercial zoning and could better serve and benefit the community as a housing development.