Lake Forest City Council turns thumbs down on videotaped council meetings

February 11, 2012 by  

Lake Forest residents who thought they might get to watch the latest City Council meeting on their computer rather than attend the session in person can scratch that thought, at least for now. The council put the idea on hold after a proposal from council member Peter Herzog to look into the cost of taping the meetings garnered the support of only one of the four remaining council members.

Bad timing and cost issues were among the reasons the majority of the council gave for opposing the idea of recording their meetings for public viewing. Councilwoman Marcia Rudolph said that she could not support Herzog’s “silly” plan to use a hand held video camera. Under Herzog’s proposal, meetings would be taped with single a video camera to be posted for viewing on the city’s website.

Mayor Pro Tem Scott Voigts said he liked the idea of recording meetings but didn’t want to allocate funds for a video camera. Councilman Mark Tettemer, who voted in favor of checking into the cost of recording equipment, didn’t understand why cost was such a major issue. Tettemer estimated that the type of video recorder Herzog has in mind would come in at around $500. Citizens in favor of videotaping city council meetings may consider banner printing to make it explicitly clear to council members where they stand on the issue.

Rudolph said Herzog’s timing is off the mark and that it makes more sense to wait a few years until city hall moves to its permanent location. New city offices are expected to be included in the proposed Serrano Summit housing development.