Niguel Networkers represents local networking opportunity

March 17, 2012 by  

The Laguna Niguel Chamber of Commerce hosts a lot of excellent programs for professionals but one that particularly stands out for local entrepreneurs is Niguel Networkers.

No matter where a company happens to find itself, there’s no question that client acquisition is an important part of getting things done. While poster printing and flyer printing campaigns can certainly help when it comes to gaining exposure, it’s important to not lose sight of the difference a strong network can make. Meeting every Tuesday, Niguel Networkers acts as a place to give and receive referrals, interact with other entrepreneurs and professionals, and hear news about what’s going on in the Laguna Niguel Chamber of Commerce.

Typically beginning at 11:15 am and conclude at 12:45 pm, it’s worth pointing out that this event is one that’s held at a reasonable hour each week. Another positive aspect of this group is the fact that it takes time out to stress the fact that there are no restrictions with respect to attendance or the number of people allowed per profession. With fees set at a favorable $8 for Laguna Niguel Chamber of Commerce members and $13 for guests, there’s no financial strain involved with stopping by the new City Hall on a Tuesday and kicking some tires.

Local professionals in need of a regular networking group may have a solution in Niguel Networkers. With another meet-up being planned for the 20th, this is a group to consider meeting with regularly, not just for the referrals but also for the chance to cultivate a few personal relationships.