Laguna Niguel shredding identity theft

January 18, 2014 by  

The city of Laguna Niguel will be helping their citizens avoid identity theft by throwing a free document shredding event at the start of February.

Shredding documents containing personal information is one of the easiest ways to prevent identity theft, which is one of the fastest growing crimes in the country. In sponsoring the event, the Laguna Niguel City Police Services hopes to reduce citizens’ chances of falling victim to this practice.

Anyone wanting to have their documents shredded is welcome to bring in any personal documents, billing statements, medical paperwork, old tax records, or any other documents containing personal or financial information. All that is required is that any binding clips, metal claps, and folders be removed. There will be a 10-bag or box limit to how much each person can bring to be shredded.

For more information on the Shred Identity Theft event, interested residents can check the Laguna Niguel city website.

A free document shredding event is a fantastic way to offer assistance to the community and raise awareness about a growing problem. If the city wanted to promote the event further, they might consider working with a local printing company to produce a flyer or poster campaign that would easily spread the information to residents of the city.

On Saturday, February 1, Shred Identity Theft will begin at 7:00 am at the Laguna Niguel City Hall. The shredding will continue until 12:00 pm, or until the trucks carrying the shredded documents reach full capacity, so it would be better to get there early.