Chance to learn to speak with clarity and confidence

June 18, 2013 by  

A speakers’ university boot camp will be offered this evening at the Evolution Seminars Meeting Center, 2323 N. Tustin Avenue in Santa Ana, just 30 minutes from Laguna Nigel.

This exciting workshop will be led by Brian Adams and Victor Broski. Adams developed his tips from his own 11 years of experience and will give the ups and downs of public speaking this evening from 7:00 pm.

After learning how to speak, guests can get ready for the launch of Google Glass on the Spot at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, June 19, at the Roc Airport, 4590 MacArthur Boulevard in Newport Beach.

This highly anticipated product launch explores Google Glass and possibilities for wearable internet access. The session covers the introduction of Glass, its basic uses and applications and what the future of Glass holds.

The second part of the session will explore different business scenarios related to Glass and will include a review of tools, examples, and emulators that are available for the program. Also discussed will be the opportunities available in the marketplace for Glass.

The lead speaker for the session will be Cecilia Abadie, a Google Glass explorer and a pioneer in the field of wearable computer devices. She is founder of 33Labs and is head of a global development team that develops and researches wearable applications.

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