A taste of Argentina now available in Laguna Niguel

November 16, 2013 by  

Tuesday, November 12, saw the opening of a new Argentinian restaurant in Laguna Niguel.

The Empanada Maker restaurant is the dream of local resident Cameron Davis, who fell in love with Argentina and its cuisine when he spent two years in the country as a teenager. A decade later, he has decided to bring the tempting pastries back to his home town.

In addition to traditional flavors (which the eatery calls ‘The Originals’ and includes the likes of beef, chicken, and ham), The Empanada Maker will also offer some unique options that one might not find on a trip to Argentina. The ‘Specialties’ menu options, including flavors like Philly cheesesteak, pizza, and ‘The Diablo’, add a twist to an otherwise traditional meal. The restaurant also offers six types of dipping sauces, five different choices of sides, and four dessert empanadas.

Traditionally, variations of empanadas are found in several Latin American, Southern European, and Southeast Asian countries. To create the appetizing pastries, cooks will stuff bread or dough with sweet or savory fillings, such as meat, vegetables, cheese, and fruit. They can then bake or fry the stuffed pastry, and The Empanada Maker offers customers both options on its menu.

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The Empanada Maker is open seven days a week, from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.