Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda city leaders discuss common concerns

February 15, 2012 by  

The city councils from Lafayette, Orinda and Moraga held a joint session this month to talk about issues of importance to all three communities. Council members listened as area residents expressed their opposition to the way in which a new parking lot for visitors to the Lamorinda Skate Park at Moraga Commons Park will be financed.

Lafayette resident Jim Burns criticized his city council for tapping into money from the general fund instead of using park funds to pay for their share of the cost of the parking lot. Lafayette City Manager Steven Falk pointed out that municipal code specifically states that park fees cannot be spent outside of its jurisdiction. The city of Lafayette and Orinda are both pitching in 25 percent, or approximately $55,000 each, of the $220,000 lot, according to Moraga Recreation Director Jay Ingram.

Leaders from the three municipalities also talked about deteriorating road conditions in their respective communities. Road repair has been successful in Lafayette, according to Falk. The city has spent $30 million over the past 17 years on fixing potholes and improving overall road conditions. About 15 percent of Lafayette residents still live on roads that are in poor condition, Falk noted.

Reducing greenhouse gasses was a major concern shared by the three city councils. Many residents were upset about a California law requiring cities to adopt a strategy to decrease greenhouse gasses by 2013.

The mayors of Lafayette and Orinda have expressed their concerns over the Sustainable Communities Strategy in writing, most likely on paper with city letterhead that came from stationery printers. Letters were sent to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Association of Bay Area Governments.