La Palma comes out on top among California’s small towns

September 2, 2013 by  

Following a recent study, the town of La Palma can head to a local banner printing store today and buy itself a banner declaring itself as the “Best California Small Town to Live in.”

Last month, CNN and Money Magazine listed La Palma as the 31st best small town in which to live within the country, and therefore the best in this state. According to Money Magazine, La Palma can be granted this rating due to its gorgeous weather, fantastic beach access, and friendly scenery. The popular magazines call La Palma, which is only 20 miles away from Los Angeles, the “archetypal California suburb.” The town is said to have the lowest response time for police services in Orange County as well as an extremely high-quality public school system.

The only downside to La Palma, the magazine notes, is that it is an expensive place to live. The current median sales price of a home in the town is about $500,000, which is fairly typical for an Orange County home but still far above national averages. Nevertheless, those that are prepared to pay for quality can enjoy the high class amenities of the neighborhood and feel confident that they are living in one of the best towns in America.

La Palma was only one out of two towns in California that made the list, and its close proximity to Los Angeles makes it the perfect place to enjoy city benefits along with a small town atmosphere.