AlertOC now available to La Palma residents

January 26, 2013 by  

La Palma has now joined Orange County’s AlertOC, an emergency notification system, designed to automatically alert residents through the phone system.

Residents who register with the program will have emergency messages automatically sent to their cell, business, or home phones, hearing impaired devices, or email accounts. This is a mass notification system that is currently in use in cities around the state.

Residents should visit the city website to enter their contact information or to update it if it has changed. Those who register will be notified of regional, wide spread, or local emergencies that may affect the registered address. For more information of issues with registering, call (714) 690-3370.

La Palma residents can also now get assistance with the cost of a new tree in their front yard through the city’s Residential Tree Planting Rebate Program.

Trees help reduce heat in the home by providing shade, increase home values by making the property more attractive, and add to the environment. The rebate is funded through the support of Southern California Edison.

Rebates are available in the amount of $75 to help offset the cost of the purchase and supplies needed to properly plant the trees for owners of detached single family homes. City guidelines on the proper trees to purchase and planting instructions can be found on the city website or at city hall.

For more information on the program, call the Community Development Department at (714) 690-3340. Local printing companies often provide access for the printing of PDFs and files from internet sources, such as local government.