Technology startup on its way to meeting corporate investment goal

February 11, 2012 by  

An Irvine-based startup that’s working on a new “cloudpaging” technology says it’s received $2 million so far from corporate investors to help it meet its so far mostly secretive objective. Numecent says it needs an additional $8 million to reach its $10 million goal. Numecent earlier received $ 7.5 million in seed money from a private investor whose name has not been made revealed.

Numecent is not only staying tight-lipped about the names of its investors; mum is also the word when it comes to revealing definitive plans for the company. What is known at the moment is that Numecent plans to patent next generation cloudpaging, a term used to describe any app, software, game or non-linear subject matter that can be instantly and securely sent in a virtualized manner. Numecent has yet to provide any details about the so-called “push pull” paging system it hopes to patent.

Osman Kent has been named CEO of Numecent. Osman is a longtime entrepreneur and technology veteran. Perhaps his most well-known venture was when he served as co-founder and CEO of 3Dlabs. The company pioneered graphics processing on the PC. 3Dlabs was a nearly $1 billion NASDAQ company in its heyday.

Irvine residents won’t have to wait much longer to learn more about what’s been going on behind closed doors at Numecent. Printing services may be called into action once Numecent is ready to release more information about its cloudpaging project. The company is expected to spill the beans about its patent and plans for the future on Friday, March 2012.