Local police offers tips on quelling coyote threat

May 14, 2013 by  

Summer time brings out the wildlife, and the city of Irvine issued some suggestions last week to residents who are looking to keep their pets safe from coyotes as the warmer weather comes in.

The Irvine Police Department has stressed that residents who live near open areas should consider keeping their pets indoors. When taking dogs for walks during the evening hours, they should be kept on leashes no longer than six feet, the press release continues.

The statement goes on to stress that lids on trash receptacles should be securely fastened and fruit should be picked as soon as it ripens or falls to the ground to prevent rats, which can attract the wild dogs. Children, it adds, should be supervised when outside and instructed not to approach stray animals, and residents should not leave out pet food or other food or water for wild animals.

Since the behavior of coyotes can be volatile, experts advise never to approach or contact them. Indeed, the best way to view coyotes is at a safe distance through a camera lens, perhaps then using local printing services to create a book of nature out of the photographs to share with family and friends.

Coyotes are native to California and have adapted to living near urban areas and as a result it is common to see coyotes in and around Irvine. Wildlife hunters who are able to report a sighting of a coyote should call the Irvine Police Animal Services department at (949) 724-7092.