Irvine tops new list of best cities

February 6, 2014 by  

Irvine has ranked number one in the nation for ‘best-managed city.’

In a report published by 24/7 Wall St., Irvine takes the top spot out of a list of 10 impressive urban areas.

The 10 cities were selected after staffers reviewed data on 100 of the largest metropolitan areas based on population. Factors considered had to do with the overall crime rate, economy, job opportunities, household income and overall welfare of the residents. For example, Irvine’s median household income is a healthy $96,000 per year but what’s even more impressive is the general educational level of residents. More than 96% of the population has a high school diploma and nearly two-thirds of adults hold a bachelor’s degree or higher making Irvine a well-educated town.

Irvine is also ranked as the safest city on the list with a crime rate of just 51 incidents per 100,000 population. Given the safety factor, the well-educated populace, the stability of the city’s bond rating, and an unemployment level of 5.7%, well below the national average, it’s no wonder Irvine is an attractive urban center.

Recognition as a livable, well-run city makes Irvine a draw not only for would-be residents but for business enterprises as well. Whether it’s a high-tech printing company or a low-tech clothing boutique, entrepreneurs with an eye for growing markets in a stable economic environment will find Irvine’s top spot on 24/7 Wall St., list very, very appealing, a good omen for the city’s future.