Irvine prospects are bright

March 28, 2014 by  

City of Irvine mayor Steven Choi wants to pursue initiatives that will situate Irvine as a center for innovation and technology businesses in the years to come. In his State of the City address at the end of February, the mayor offered a recap of accomplishments from 2013 and offered a preview of Choi’s vision for the Irvine ‘Tech Valley’.

The mayor cited Irvine’s fine weather, low unemployment, steady population growth, access to quality educational facilities, and life-style amenities, as reasons technology companies would be attracted to the city. For the business community, Choi recounted a number of encouraging trends, pointing to economic growth and continued recovery from the recent recession.

The mayor noted the initiation last fall of the Mayor-Chamber Advisory Council on Business. This group of business leaders, executives and city officials will examine strategies for job creation and new business development. The tentative agreement of Broadcom Corporation to locate the company’s new campus in the Great Park Neighborhoods, a section of the FivePoints Communities, is another positive sign that Irvine is a good place to do business.

For organizations providing support to the business sector – such as print companies with brochure printing, business card printing, or stationery printing services – the upbeat assessment from the mayor is good news.

As if to presage Choi’s remarks, University of California (UC) Irvine Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, Howard Gillman, confirmed that the university plans to create an Institute for Innovation. The interdisciplinary center will concentrate on moving academic research breakthroughs into marketable applications.