Irvine hosts 3rd annual Entrepreneur Forum

February 23, 2012 by  

On March 1st, Irvine will host its 3rd annual Entrepreneur Forum. The forum is designed to help entrepreneurs – both established and aspiring – learn their trade, find potential investors, and refine their business start-up ideas, with the ultimate goal of reducing the barriers that prevent entrepreneurs from succeeding with their new businesses.

The theme for this year will be “Start – Build – Thrive.” The keynote speaker will be Drew Clark, co-founder of IBM and self-described “serial entrepreneur.” In addition to Clark, 6 different entrepreneurial companies will be hosting a Shark Tank style pitch session. Prospective attendees are strongly encouraged to submit business plans and pitch proposals in advance, in order to get a spot with the Shark Tank early on.

The Forum is sponsored by the Irvine Chamber of Commerce, which has been working with the Irvine Entrepreneurial Ecosystem to create an environment in which entrepreneurialism and start-up businesses are encouraged to flourish. The hope is that forums like this will give new and aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to speak with people who have successfully created companies, and ultimately be encouraged to found businesses.

A wide range of topics will be covered at the event, from broad topics like writing a business plan and cornering a market to the finer details of running a business, like printing business cards and advertising venues. A number of angel investors and venture capitalists will also be in attendance, and will host a series of panels and events where attendees can approach them with their start-up concepts.