New Cannery area development approved

March 11, 2014 by  

The Hayward Cannery area project, a redevelopment and housing plan that has been underway since 2001, just got closer to completion.

Recently, the City Council approved a nine-acre site that calls for the demolition of a distribution warehouse to be replaced by 105 townhouses and 52 detached homes.

Part of the original 370 acres that will eventually incorporate 800 to 950 dwellings, the Sullivan Development Group’s latest project will provide 2.77 parking spaces per unit. Parking was an issue for council members who reported that area residents were often complaining of insufficient street parking.

Just north of the city’s historic landmark, the Hunt’s Food cannery water tower, the warehouse that was to be torn down represents one of the few remaining structures connected with Hayward’s food-packing past. For 25 years, the city has been working doggedly to revitalize and rebuild downtown districts and residential neighborhoods.

The local business community always applauds this type of investment. Whether it’s a local shop that does brochure printing for area real estate services, a boutique clothing store, or an eatery, projects that expand the household and tax base are always an encouraging sign of economic growth.

Along with housing, Hayward’s revitalization efforts incorporate improvements in a number of areas, including local parks, schools, and redesign of traffic flow. City officials claim that the results of the municipality’s determination to carry-through on development plans can be seen in a growing population, and more private capital investment coming to Hayward.