Two intertwining workshops available for Gardena residents

September 16, 2013 by  

Prospective PR agents can explore the field at a meeting later this week at Kleverdog in Los Angeles.

The meeting begins at noon, and should be the perfect course for those interested in starting their career, as well as those who want to learn about funding projects. The course explains the differences between marketing, social media, public relations, and advertising; how to decide which communication needs are right for the business; and which tools will be needed for a good PR campaign.

Also included will be information on how to write and distribute a press release and how to create a media kit for print, radio, and television reporters.

The session is led by Ronjini Mukhopadhyay, who has ten years of public relations experience, and will be held this Friday, September 20. Kleverdog is located just 20 minutes from Gardena at 418 Bamboo Lane, Los Angeles.

In keeping with the media and PR theme, and sure to be of interest to anyone who has ever wanted to create their own documentary, a workshop on documentary production will be held at 9:30 am on Saturday, September 21, at Writers Boot Camp Theatre, 2525 Michigan Avenue in Santa Monica. Advice will be given on how to design and fund a documentary and then how to package and market the final product.

There are many grants that may be applied for to fund documentaries, and local printing companies can be useful in duplicating grant application materials and creating a professional package for submission to government and business agencies.