Fremont high-rise complex gets back underway

February 1, 2014 by  

Shoppers in Fremont will soon be able to enjoy a brand new retail complex.

Oregon-based American Pacific International Capital, or APIC, is about to put $200 million dollars into completion of the The Globe mall. The development firm’s goal is to create a retail, restaurant, and high-rise hotel complex that will serve as a shopping and dining attraction for the entire Bay Area.

Construction on the 450,000 sq ft mall stopped in 2007, bogged down by financing troubles, litigation, and little interest from prospective tenants. Now, APIC has stepped-in to make the village-themed mall a reality. Siam Village, already completed, will be joined this summer by Pacifica, adding another 32,000 sq ft of finished space to the complex. Eventual clusters will include JK (Japanese Korea) Town; Sino Village; Europa, Indus and The Heart. In addition to the variety of ethnic-based dining and shopping experiences, developers are hopeful that The Globe complex will literally stand out for another reason: Once the 12-story, 248-room hotel with views of San Francisco Bay is completed, it will be Fremont’s tallest building.

Director of development for Fremont, Kelly Kline remarked:

“The Globe is a bold vision, and it’s very exciting that this project is getting back on track.”

Local business owners agree. Marketing-related vendors, such as catalog printing and flyer printing services, and other support services to the retail and food industries, all stand to benefit. As San Jose commercial realty broker, Josh Gispan, pointed out:

“This project can be a home run.”

Certainly, the APIC group is banking on that sentiment.