Dance session to get youngsters on the move

June 27, 2012 by  

Coming up on Saturday, June 30, the Bay area’s 2012 National and International Champs of Hip-Hop and Cheer Dance invite you to join them at the RAW Talents Training Facility located at 37428 Centralmont Place in Fremont, California. This workshop runs from 3:00 pm to 5:50 pm.

Guys and gals from kindergarten to grade 12 are invited to attend this workshop and enjoy a personal introduction to everything these popular dances have to offer. Guests will enjoy fun and excitement as they participate in hip-hop dancing, stunting, tumbling, and cheering, with never a dull minute to spare. No experience is required to participate in this event.

As part of the “Let’s Move” initiative created by the First Lady, Michelle Obama, RAW Talents and ALLSTAR have adopted an open-door policy when it comes to the Bay area youth. This policy allows local youngsters to attend and try out the various training programs available. RAW has found an inexpensive way to support this initiative and offer it to the youth as a program to help fight obesity in children through physical activities. The focus of this program is maintaining an active body and a healthy mind.

All open-door programs cost $7 each time a youth drops in for training and fun. During this training time, young people will enjoy singing and dancing, with the ultimate aim of gaining self-confidence and improving their fitness levels.

Flyer printing and poster printing may have been used to promote this program to the youths of today. For additional information, check out RAW’s website or call 888-588-4418.