Conference to offer technology information

January 26, 2013 by  

Coming up in under two weeks, the 2013 Technology Convergence Conference will highlight emerging information technology (IT) concerns.

Experts from SAP, Microsoft, and Mozilla will speak on the future of information technology and what effect current issues will have on it.

The conference is hosted by TELADATA, a consulting firm which specializes in IT project management, infrastructure design, and planning. The conference will focus on data center, operations, and IT.

Guest speakers include senior critical facilities manager David Shroyer at Citrix who will moderate a panel discussion between Sybase senior manager of real estate and facilities Greg Bush and Mozilla director of IT operations Matthew Zeier on “Navigating the DCIM Space”, which focuses in monitoring solutions.

“Trending Industry Topics” will feature panel discussions and presentations on emerging IT concerns that affect data centers and professionals. The benefits and pitfalls of investing or adopting these new trends and technologies will be the focus of this topic.

Case studies on cloud computing and virtualization will be presented, as well as workplace designs and solutions so professionals can learn to avoid mistakes before they happen.

The costs of owning data center space, services, risk management, and the availability of applications will all be covered in the discussion ‘To Cloud or Not to Cloud? That is the Question’ by senior architect and IT management consultant Colin Mayne.

With the emerging electronic trends, it is more important than ever to be on top of things. Using digital business cards allows employers and employees to easily stay in touch with important business contacts.

February 7 is the date for the 2013 conference.