Encinitas welcomes new Lux facility

April 8, 2014 by  

Lux Art Institute is getting ready to open a new facility in Encinitas, California, it was revealed at the end of March.

Lux wants to make art more meaningful and accessible by allowing people to become involved in creating art and interacting with internationally-known artists as they work on their projects.

The Encinitas building, which is set to open April 12, is Lux’s second location and comprises 7,000 square feet at a cost of $1.8m. It is expected that Lux will use the new site for some of its educational programs, which are expanding. In fact, the building is called the Education Pavilion, and is the former Sanderling Waldorf School, which has been renovated to meet Lux’s needs. The design for the pavilion is the work of Anne Sneed, a Lux board member who provided her services free of charge.

The heart of the Lux experience lies in the residencies it provides to artists. They are given month-long appointments, during which time visitors and students can meet and interact with them. Lux believes that allowing people to see art being created, rather than observing it in a museum or gallery, makes the experience more meaningful, and may spur creativity in young people, or even inspire them to a similar career. Lux believes it will interact with approximately 14,500 students this year, and some 20,000 adults.

Lux could work with a banner printing company to create flags for its opening.