Encinitas to get expanded bus service

January 21, 2014 by  

Taking the bus in Encinitas, California, will get easier next year, as some of the system’s routes are expanded.

The Board of Directors of the North County Transit District (NCTD) approved the new additions, including some that are Encinitas-centric, the week before Christmas.

The expansion will enhance Saturday services, adding additional runs or, in some cases, beginning weekend service for the first time. Route 304, which runs between San Marcos and Encinitas during the week, will now operate hourly on Saturdays. It will stop at Leucadia Boulevard, Saxony Road, and the Coaster station in Encinitas. In addition, Route 309, which runs between Oceanside and Encinitas, will now have buses running every half-hour, instead of hourly. Three other routes, 313, 355/357, and 347, were also expanded.

Deborah Castillo, spokeswoman for the NCTD, said the organization is revamping its routes and added buses where there is demand for them. NCTD’s Bill Olszanicki, who is manager of service implementation, said the agency chose the routes based on residents’ surveys, census data, business growth, and current ridership. He also added that, despite putting more buses on certain routes, there are no new routes planned for the city any time soon.

However, NCTD is studying the feasibility of developing a shuttle service for Encinitas residents. The future of this endeavor depends upon economic sustainability and potential demand. If findings show a need for such a shuttle, further studies will determine funding and possible routes.

The NCTD could work with brochure printers to get new schedules printed before the service begins.