Encinitas residents treated to series of performances

March 17, 2014 by  

Encinitas residents who enjoy dance have a few treats in store, as the Patricia Rincon Dance Collective presents a series of performances.

The dancers presented the first of four shows at the Encinitas Library on February 23, and there will be more to follow over the coming months. The February performance was a homage to the salon dances performed by the legendary Isadora Duncan in the early 1900s. The dances took place in people’s homes, which allowed audiences to be extremely close to the dancers.

The contemporary version is much the same; the dancers are close to the audience and use few props or stage lighting. Patricia Rincon, artistic director of the company that bears her name, noted that a body moving alone in space is as pure an expression of dance as it is possible to imagine.

The title of this performance was ‘Caught’, and it explored people’s relationship with lines, examining such expressions as “crossing the line” and “walking the line.” The dancers appearing were David Wornovitzky, Kenna Crouch, and Bonnie Young Lee. Also present was Donn Angel Perez, who painted three portraits (one of each dancer) during their performance. The combination of fine art and dance was a unique collaboration.

There will be three more performances in the series, scheduled for April 27, May 18 and June 22. Rincon could work with a flyer printing company to create handouts to be distributed near the library on the day of the event.