Encinitas’ neighbor works up new strategy for coastline

October 24, 2013 by  

Carlsbad, a coastal city about 10 minutes’ drive from Encinitas, has built a new strategy that will enhance access to the beach, while also improving recreational opportunities along the coast. The city hopes that this plan will lead to projects designed to make streets more livable, and to enhance beach and recreational services.

Carlsbad city council members and staffers agreed the city should make improving the coastline for the benefit of both visitors and residents a priority. Gary Barberio, assistant City Manager, noted surveys of residents have found they want more places to gather at the coast, as well as improved services there. He said many people have moved to Carlsbad, especially because of the coast.

Among residents’ requests are more restrooms, benches, oceanfront dining establishments, concession stands, shops that rent beach equipment, and bike trails. However, since most of the beaches are managed by the California State Parks Department, these improvements are not up to Carlsbad. Thus, the city has decided to concentrate on those projects along the coast where it does have control, does not need the state’s permission to make improvements, and can see progress sooner.

Carlsbad officials noted Encinitas recently upgraded its own Moonlight Beach by adding a lifeguard station, restrooms, a provider of beach equipment, and a concession stand.

Encinitas officials might work with brochure printers to put together a presentation for Carlsbad, outlining how they made their improvements and suggesting ways Carlsbad can do the same.