Water Conservation Garden state award picked up by El Cajon scheme

December 13, 2013 by  

Earlier this week, this year’s Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership awards were announced by the California Environmental Protection Agency. Among the 13 recipients was one San Diego County representative – El Cajon’s The Water Conservation Garden.

Through a series of gardens displayed on its nearly five acres, the Water Conservation Garden promotes landscaping and gardening with an emphasis on conserving water. Viewing the gardens is free and can be done self-guided or through one of the nonprofit’s programs. The award will be great publicity for the Water Conservation Garden, and no doubt its next stationery printing will be amended to mention the award.

One program, Ms. Smarty-Plants, was the one specifically recognized for the award. Ms. Smarty-Plants is a character developed by Pam Meisner, education director for the Water Conservation Garden. The character, played be either Meisner or a colleague, appears in costume to provide an interactive educational program aimed at teaching children about water conservation. By the end of 2013, 50,000 children will have spent time with Ms. Smarty-Plants, which has been in effect for five years.

Among the numerous gardens and exhibits is the Turf Exibit, where seven different patches of turf are displayed along with their individual watering requirements. Additionally, there are ground covers, container gardens, native plant gardens, and cactus and succulent gardens among the exhibits.

The message portrayed by the garden is not to stop using water, but rather to utilize methods to reduce water use while not sacrificing on beauty.