New Santee eatery offers hungry locals a chance to eat out

February 28, 2013 by  

El Cajon residents looking to try new dining experiences will find that nearby Santee provides them with several options.

New additions to the already impressive list of restaurants include Phil’s BBQ, In-N-Out Burger, and Pho Santee. Yet another new restaurant with a truly local twist, Roots Community Kitchen, is offering a unique eating experience that helps local residents in the process.

Roots calls itself a farm-to-table restaurant; it uses, with few exceptions, only food provided by local farmers and ranchers. With the exception of bread and cheese, it makes all of the food it serves using locally-sourced food. Its rule is all food served can travel no more than a day’s drive to the restaurant. Moreover, it deals solely with food providers that utilize organic methods that are sustainable. Understandably, the menu changes with the seasons and Roots might want to consider using postcard printing to keep its customers apprised of what is currently being offered.

The philosophy of eating only locally grown and produced food is known as ‘localvorism’. An increasing number of people are making this choice, for a variety of reasons. It is considered healthier because less processing preservative is required. It also means that it is easier to know where the food comes from and keep apprised of the conditions under which the food was produced.

Roots Community Kitchen accepts no produce from backyard gardens. Only providers with health permits are used. Eating food from local sources is also better for the environment, as the food requires less packaging and uses less fossil fuel being moved to its destination. Finally, choosing local foods means supporting the local economy.