New restaurant set to come to El Cajon

May 28, 2012 by  

Only a short time after the closure of the Pat & Oscar restaurant in El Cajon, a new brand will be taking up residence at the Westfield Parkway site.

In reality, it will be just a re-branding of the former chain, after its owners reached an agreement to preserve much of what was offered before but with an updated approach under the new name of O’s American Kitchen.

Favorites that are set to be retained include the famous bread sticks and pastas but print shops in the area will be needed as the image and name are updated.

The new approach that will be taken is said to present a more “grown-up” version of what went before. Breads will be more artisan for example, whilst vegetables used will be more select options.

Food lovers in the town will be able to enjoy a host of new items on the menu. Speaking about the changes, a spokesperson for O’s American Kitchen said:

“We know that people are seeking bolder flavors with more diversity, so our menu will offer other choices with ethnic influences.”

The Parkway restaurant is the first that will see the $300,000 re-branding. Reopening in late June 2012, there is likely to be plenty of flyer and banner printing to make sure it all starts with a bang.

As well as the relaunch of the site in El Cajon, the other existing restaurants will get a makeover. In all, the process is set to take 12 months, with future expansion already being planned.