National Guard smoothens move to El Cajon

June 10, 2013 by  

Any misgivings El Cajon residents may have had at the announcement last Thursday of The Army National Guard moving here from Kearny Mesa should be allayed, it would seem.

The Guard got off to a promising start on Sunday by tidying local parks, as a local spokesperson for the city had said they would when breaking the news of their move here. Three parks, Kennedy, Wells, and Hillside, were the recipients of the Guard member’s efforts.

Among the tasks performed by the unit were painting, planting trees, scrapping gum off sidewalks, and unblocking trails. For some guardsmen, like Staff Sgt. Beau Deviller who is raising his two children here in El Cajon, it was a labor of love. He said:

“It’s great to be able to give back to the parks they play in so they can have a beautiful place in the city they live in.”

According to Unit Commander Capt. Michael Han, the cleanup was their way of showing their intent to be good neighbors in the community into which they are moving in September. The city provided materials and equipment used for the cleanup. As both the city and the Guard are eager to keep community relations between the Army and the citizens of El Cajon on good terms, we will likely see more joint efforts on projects in the future.

To keep the public advised of the National Guards community service the city and/or the guard would be wise to promote this and future efforts through poster printings. Perhaps a postcard printing inviting the public to join in might precede future projects.