Luxury hotels get facelift to maintain appeal

December 17, 2012 by  

On their next trip to coast, El Cajon residents who are willing to spend the big bucks can enjoy one of the new luxury hotel-resort makeovers.

Three marquis hotels within San Diego County are in the midst of being made fresh, new, and more exclusive. The owners of these hotels expect to recoup the enormous costs of their makeovers by enticing sophisticated, moneyed travelers to wine, dine, and enjoy top-of-the-range spa treatments at their respective properties.

The first property undergoing the treatment is Rancho Valencia. Built in the 1980s, this San Diego property was already ranked the #1 tennis resort, but it now boasts a new yoga pavilion, wine cave, and bar, among other sundry improvements and upgrades.

La Valencia is another place being renovated. Formerly the Pink Lady and located in La Jolla, this resort dates back to the 1920s. This property’s makeover will continue well into next year. A larger area for ocean view dining is one expected change. Other changes include modernization of all 112 guest rooms and an overhaul of the circa-1928 elevator.

Lastly, Estancia, which is only eight years old, is undergoing a multiphase makeover that will include an enlarged dining facility, a new lobby, redecorating of all guest rooms, and a couples’ treatment room. Renovations at the La Jolla location expect to be finished by the end of 2013.

For now, the only certainty is that brochure and catalog printers in San Diego County will be kept busy producing materials to show off their new look.