City of El Cajon turns a century old

August 21, 2012 by  

As El Cajon city turns 100 years old this year, a Centennial Celebration will be held to remember the history of the town and honor its birthday. An opening ceremony will start the day out and it will continue with kids’ crafts, live entertainment, food, historical displays, and a special closing ceremony. Also, planned displays for the centennial celebration are vintage vehicles and the #48 car of Jimmie Johnson. Interested parties can volunteer their time or sign up as a sponsor by visiting the El Cajon 100 website.

Print companies have probably already finished the banner printing for the celebration. There will be banners placed throughout the town, taking residents down memory lane. Every one of them will tell a piece of the story behind El Cajon’s history. The nine banner designs will include Music and the Arts, Family Fun Time, Western Artist Olaf Wieghorst, Drive-In Car Culture, Bounty of the Valley, San Diego and Cuyamaca Railway, and the Cajon Speedway. There will be about 150 banners that adorn the Main Street downtown, Second Street, Rea Avenue, and Prescott Promenade. More banners will be placed near Westfield Parkway on Fletcher Parkway, along with El Cajon Boulevard.

The city celebrates its birthday on November 12, when the fun events planned for families will begin at 10:00 am and continue until 6:00 pm in the downtown area of El Cajon. More information concerning the Centennial Celebration, as well as how to purchase historical pictures, can be found by calling the El Cajon Historical Society 619-444-3800.