Chipotle fills last slot at Rancho San Diego

August 28, 2013 by  

El Cajon residents who are looking for somewhere new to eat can look forward to a Chipotle Mexican Grill scheduled to open in the nearby Rancho San Diego Town & Country Center in the next few days. The national shopping center owner-operator, Westwood Financial Corp., has six other leases with the Chipotle chain, and the Rancho San Diego lease is for 120 months.

With a reputation for buying distressed retail properties and successful bring them back to life, Westwood Financial Corp. focusing on choosing the properties it purchases and then selecting leases that complement each other and attract traffic to the area.

In addition to providing a healthy and innovative alternative for eating out, in the case of Chipotle, Westwood also provides jobs for the area. Arguably more important, however, is the ripple effect new businesses often set into motion.

Contractors are often the first to benefit when a shopping center is renovated and printing companies are not far behind. New businesses require stationery, business cards, brochures, banners and other printed materials initially and then need to restock as they use up their supplies. Other business to business providers benefit as well.

The Rancho San Diego location, 12098 Fury Lane, was purchased by Westwood in 2009. The site became available when Hollywood Video vacated it. After a complete remodeling, Jamba Juice, Sports Clips, Panda Express, and Union Bank moved in. With the addition of Chipotle, the center should now begin September in a fully-leased state.