REI plans to open second location in Dublin

January 19, 2014 by  

Seattle-based retailer REI is planning to open a second store near Columbus, and has chosen Dublin as the site of the new enterprise.

The new location, which will be on West Dublin Granville Road, is being planned even before the first store, located at Easton Gateway, opens. The Easton location is set to open sometime in the spring of 2014 with the second store, which is in the Sun Center, slated to begin operations in the fall.

REI sells goods to those who enjoy the outdoors, specializing in clothing, camping gear, and everything people need to enjoy climbing, hiking, paddling, or biking. Ray Dinterman, retail director of REI for the Mid-Atlantic district, said the chain had chosen the Columbus area because the city is filled with people who enjoy an active lifestyle, and is also one of the biggest markets in the region that does not have an REI store already.

Dinterman added that bringing in two stores rather than just one will allow REI to serve customers better, including those in the area who are members. REI is a consumer cooperative and has more than 5.1 million members nationwide. People pay REI a one-time fee of $20 to share in the retailer’s profits, though the chain does not limit its stores to a “members-only” policy.

REI says it will be hiring approximately 100 people to staff the two new stores, and is currently accepting applications. Interested parties should check the website for details and perhaps put in a business card printing order soon.