Dublin, Ohio students test among the best in the world

March 6, 2013 by  

The Dublin, Ohio, City School District is obviously doing something right, considering the test results just reported for its students.

The Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a test given to 15-year olds throughout the world, and this week the results came in. Students in two Dublin schools are at a world class level.

The PISA test, which was begun in 2000, is new to Dublin this year. It allows the City School District to directly compare its students’ abilities to others of the same age around the globe. Current testing compares students with others in the local area, the region, and the nation. PISA broadens the canvas considerably.

Students are tested in math, reading, and science, with the tests given every three years. Dublin officials were excited to discover that their students are competing favorably with some of the brightest young people on the planet. Two Dublin schools, Jerome High School and Scioto High School, were chosen to participate in the PISA test.

Test scores can range from 250 to 700, and the average American scores 500 in reading, 487 in math and 502 in science. Students at Jerome H.S, however, averaged a 599 reading score, 601 in science and an even higher 604 in mathematics. Scioto High’s students recorded 534 for reading, 536 in science, and a 532 in math – still consistently higher than the American average.

School district officials could consider working with brochure printers to explain the PISA test to district residents and, even more importantly, outline what their teachers are doing to achieve these results.