County mayors urge locals to take on the trails

June 30, 2013 by  

Officials are encouraging people from Dublin and other nearby areas to push themselves a little harder than usual this summer and have a go at the Mayors Trails Challenge. The hiking excursion provides a range of trails suitable for walking, jogging, bicycling, and horse riding – all of which can help locals up their fitness levels and enjoy the fresh summer air.

Trails are available in the counties of Contra Costa and Alameda, and the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) straddles them both. For this year, the mayors of the two counties have turned up the heat a notch by placing a wager on which county can get the most residents to sign up for the challenge. Sadly for the Contra Costa official, he looks set to be on the losing side, with Alameda boasting almost three times as many registrants as of June 25.

The EBRPD has been encouraging locals to get their exploration caps on in the area for the last 20 years, and welcomes the fresh challenges set by the pair of mayors. Its assistant general manager for public affairs, Carol Johnson, said:

“This is a way to show people that health and wellness can be fun and include outdoor recreation. It’s also a way we can help to address the regional and national issue of obesity.”

The district offers 65 parks, as well as over 1,000 miles of trails, which vary from those suitable for novices, to some decidedly tougher challenges. More info on how to explore the parks can be found on the EBRPD website.