Franks added to local Board of Directors

January 15, 2014 by  

Chad Franks will become a member of the Board of Directors of the Charitable Fund of the Orange County Bar Association this week. Most likely, the Bar Association is using flyer printing and poster printing to let those in the legal community become aware of this appointment.

The selection of Franks, who will take up the position of Vice President and General Counsel, was made by Wayne Gross, a Costa Mesa-based lawyer with senior positions in both organisations.

Upon his selection, Franks said that he was much honored to receive the appointment, as it shows that he has been recognized for his previous service on two volunteer committees of the Orange County Bar Association, and his commitment and efforts to deliver the highest quality legal services in the county.

The Charitable Fund provides resources to programs and organizations to ensure that equal justice is promoted throughout the county, and Franks went on to say that he will be committed to the Board in the same way that he commits himself to other that are important to him.

Franks has been the Vice President and General Counsel to Staffing Services at the Board at Decton for the past six years. When he joined Decton in 2008, he built the company’s human resources, legal, safety, and risk management divisions, which have grown three times their size since he started them. Recently Franks has become a Registry of Business Excellence member as well.

He officially becomes a board member tomorrow, January 16.