Costa Mesa seeks to reduce junk mail

February 23, 2012 by  

The city of Costa Mesa passed a program in February which seeks to reduce the amount of junk mail its residents receive on a daily basis. The City of Costa Mesa and its sanitation department are partnering with Catalog Choice, a Berkeley-based company which encourages people to opt out of catalog subscriptions which they are uninterested in receiving.

The sanitation department estimates that junk mail costs the city approximately $10 per household in annual disposal costs – a significant savings when spread out over all the households in Costa Mesa and its suburbs. In addition, the measure can save companies a significant amount of money in catalog printing costs. Many catalogs are part of direct mail programs, where catalogs are printed and sent to prospective customers who have not expressed interest in the company or its products; it’s estimated that a single household receives over 150 pounds of unwanted mail every year. By only printing and mailing catalogs to interested buyers, companies will save money on postage and printing costs.

Similar measures have been enacted in several other cities nationwide, and have significantly reduced the amount of mail waste in those cities. According to estimates from Catalog Choice, junk mailings have been reduced by approximately 50% in cities using the program after only a year.

The program will consist of a link on the city of Costa Mesa’s website, where residents can go to opt in and out of mailing programs. It is set to launch in early April.