Antique & Collectible Fair in Clovis

February 29, 2012 by  

On Sunday, March 25, 2012, the Old Town Clovis Antique & Collectible Fair will be held on Pollasky Ave., between Third Street and Bullard Ave. The event is scheduled from 8 am until 4 pm and everyone is welcome to attend.

This Old Town Clovis Antique & Collectible Fair will have something for everyone, so a nice leisurely stroll down the cobblestone sidewalks, which set the mood, will find the street bursting with collectibles, treasures, and a vast array of antiques. Whether looking for vintage dolls, antique clocks or radios, collective plates, or the unusual, this is the event to suit.

The Old Town Clove Antique district specializes in the four “R’s”. They love to reduce wastage, reclaim vintage and antique projects, recycle discards from others, and repurpose objects to resell through their retail stores and shops. This event promises to be interesting for everyone, so it may be worth a visit to look for a little treasure.

For those who wish additional details, print shops have completed the poster printing and flyer printing for this event and flyers can be picked up in advance at any of the retail outlets in the Old Town district.

Interested parties can also pick flyers up and find more information on the Business Organization of Old Town’s website. They also have a large selection of pictures for preview.

For additional information or to register as a dealer for this event, please contact the Business Organization of Old Town at 559-298-5774.