Raised boardwalk makes hiking safer and cleaner at Lake Calavera Preserve

January 8, 2014 by  

A project to protect a native habitat in the Lake Calavera Preserve as well as improving fitness trails is being undertaken by the City of Carlsbad.

The latest improvement to the six mile combination hiking and biking trails is part of the city’s Lake Calavera Trails Master Plan, which was adopted in January 2010. It started in December of 2013 and is expected to conclude in mid-February, which will be just prior to the nesting season for local birds.

After rainy periods, users of the trail had been veering off the paths in order to avoid getting muddy. As a result damage was being done to sensitive wetland areas. Elevation of some parts of the trail via a raised boardwalk will allow access to the most fragile parts of the preserve while protecting the habitat. These boardwalks will be about 900 feet long and 6 feet wide. Height will vary but is not expected to exceed 2 feet.

The City of Carlsbad has 13 preservation areas of which Lake Calavera Preserve is the biggest. The city’s Habitat Management Plan was developed to protect the native plant and animal life in San Diego County. The Center for Natural Management manages the city’s preserves and I.O. Environmental Infrastructure Inc. was awarded the construction contract to build the boardwalk for their bid of $359,000.

The public is generally appreciative of efforts to maintain a habitat and cooperate when it understands what is required. Many environmental efforts becoming increasingly successful once a brochure printing is secured to educate the public.