Local airport extension to boost economy

February 26, 2014 by  

A proposal to extend the McLellan-Palomar Airport’s runway has been green lighted by North County officials.

The 18% extension will, according to supporters, boost the county’s economy. Some homeowners in the neighborhood, however, expressed concern over the possible increase in noise and safety.

At a public workshop earlier this month, the process of putting together a 20-year master plan for the airport got underway. The workshop, as well as another scheduled to take place in April, was for the purpose of gathering feedback from stakeholders.

A feasibility study last summer indicates that a 900-foot increase would make flights from Carlsbad to the East Coast or Asia feasible. While the increase in runway length will not permit large jets to use the airport, it will enable smaller planes to travel longer distances by allowing them to carry more fuel. Businesses would benefit from the increased convenience in shipping and travel.

According to the 500-page study, the longer runway would have other benefits as well, such as reducing noise and increasing safety. These boons are to result from moving the “launch point” further back from the neighborhood beyond the end of the runway.

The airport extension could affect a wide range of businesses. As businesses expand, their need for printing services, such as brochure and business card printing, grows with them.