Jobseekers sparkle at Jewelry Career Fair

October 21, 2013 by  

Almost 500 jobseekers at various career stages flocked to the Jewelry Career Fair and Open House, hosted by the Gemological Institute of America on October 11.

The fair was held in Carlsbad, California at the headquarters of GIA. Companies with hundreds of jobs available attended the fair, looking for suitable candidates.

The fair offered jobseekers the chance to receive career coaching and to have discussions with executives, designers, and entrepreneurs in the jewelry industry. According to the CEO and president of Gemological Institute of America, Susan Jacques, the Career Fair is unique as no other event is held in the industry offering the same benefits.

People were able to take the opportunity to see how the industry is growing and evolving and to discover the various career opportunities in the sector. A presentation was delivered to the jobseekers, ‘Job Success in Today’s Market’, with advice given on how to be successful in the jewelry industry. Talks were also given, along with demonstrations of various aspects of the trade, including ‘Design to Finish’.

According to the vice president and co-founder of the career fair, Kathryn Kimmel, the professionals delivering presentations are dynamic individuals who demonstrate what the jobseekers need to achieve their career goals. The potential employees were able to speak with managers of the 27 companies looking for staff, to find out which skills were required.

The job fair is held annually, and is good reason for those in the lookout for jobs in the area to put in a traditional or digital business card printing order ahead of time.