Golf Tournament among highlights in July

July 3, 2012 by  

With a workshop, a networking meet-up, and a golf tournament taking place over the course of the next few weeks, Carlsbad business owners have a solid number of options available to them.

Printing companies will undoubtedly be active leading up to the Golf Tournament being held on July 12. Starting at the reasonable hour of 11:30 am, this is a great chance for members of the community at large to give back, since the proceeds of this event are going towards providing scholarships for teenagers and Marines. With dinner, wine-tasting, and even a jewelry show available for those who are not particularly into golfing, this event has just the right amount of flexibility involved. In light of the sponsorship opportunities that were available earlier, there are at least a few businesses who will be getting a bit of exposure through this golfing day.

Also being held on the same day is a “Business Development Workshop.” Featuring Rob Swette of Sales Growth Associates, LLC as guest speaker, it goes without saying that the content of this presentation will be practical from a company standpoint. Starting at 10:00 am and ending two hours later at noon, it cannot hurt to keep an eye out for this event either.

Even so, the need for business card printing becomes more pronounced later on with Cavallo Motorsports hosting the July Sundowner on July 19. Beginning at 5:00 pm, this event looks to give Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce members another opportunity to connect with each other. Requiring just $5 in donations, signing up for this member exclusive meet-up is surely worthy of consideration.