Carlsbad Chamber hosts social media workshops

August 3, 2012 by  

If the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce’s online calendar is anything to by, social media is going to be a much-discussed topic this month with three workshops being dedicated to the subject. With these presentations addressing such issues as presentation, keeping abreast of technological trends, as well as full instruction on how to best leverage the Internet, companies that are looking to make the most out of being online will have plenty of support this month.

The first of these workshops is “Presenting Your Business: in Person, in Print, and Online”. Taking place on the 16th, this upcoming meet-up is going to be looking closely at branding and the importance of leaving a positive impression on both consumers and other professionals. After all, a big part of building credibility is spending some time making sure that people know the company and have associated positive things with it. Priced at $30 for members and $60 for guests, the costs are certainly reasonable here.

Five days later on the 23rd, the chamber will be hosting “The Technology of Business Presentations”. Although the printing services offered by brochure printers are still needed, digital business cards, document sharing, and the accessibility of social media have dramatically changed the way marketing is done. This time discussing Powerpoint and how printed materials can be utilized accordingly, this is another date to remember.

Finally, things culminate August 30th with “Get Smart Web Marking Boot Camp” taking place. Beginning at 1:00 pm and going from there, business owners will be learning in-depth how they can use the Internet to market their companies. Interested individuals should consider registering online.