Carlsbad Chamber Gives Its Members Options

April 29, 2012 by  

The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce has wasted no time in making sure that members of the local business community have access to practical yet well-coordinated classes. With workshops that include “Using Databases to Organize Your Business” and “Health & Money Matters” with George Chamberlin, there’s no question that the subject matter has all sorts of practical applications for busy managers and business owners.

From the perspective of Carlsbad professionals and entrepreneurs, things kick off with “Using Databases to Organize Your Business” on the 3rd of May. As most individuals are already well aware, organization is a critical part of being able to succeed long-term as a business.

Due to the convenient way that they store information, databases are an invaluable way of keeping track of everything from inventory to customers to the precise amount of flyer printing that has been commisioned. Starting from 9:00 AM through to 10:00 PM, business owners have the option of attending this event and learning from the best with Productive Computing offering the class. Including a complete segment dedicated to FileMaker Pro, this one is going to be nothing less than informative.

Just a couple of days after “Using Databases to Organize Your Business”, the first “Health & Money Matters” seminar will be taking place on the 5th. Presented by none other than George Chamberlin of NBC and Money Matters, business owners and professionals are encouraged to attend these events to learn more about managing finances as well as the latest developments in the field of healthcare. For those who can manage the trip, this is also an event worth looking into.